The Dehumanized Mind: The Trauma of the Marginalized in the God of Small Things

  • Dr. Sujata Assistant Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Commerce and Humanities, Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad
Keywords: Untouchable, underprivileged, snobbish, hierarchy, disintegrated, suppression, rebellion, stamina, dehumanizing


The child, untouchable and woman- the three most underprivileged sections of the Indian society- get a profound portrayal in Arundhati’s Roy the God of Small Things. The novelist has made a keen observation of their plight in the snobbish Indian order. These sections rarely get any representation in the pretentious Indian hierarchies. The predicament of these sections becomes even more pernicious in the modern disintegrated times we live in. The child, the untouchable and the woman are treated in quite shabby ways in our system. They are not provided with basic opportunities congenial to their normal growth. They are victims of the whims of privileged ones as well as the directives of institutions. This results in the loss of their genuine talent. The suppression by the society and institutions sometimes becomes so unbearable that they are driven towards the path of rebellion. However, the rebellion does not fruit in any betterment of conditions. Rather it leads to self destruction to the extent of even taking away their stamina to survive in society. This is the dehumanizing of the living human beings by denying them of their basic humanity.


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